About Us

Who is ALP America?

ALP America is the exclusive American distributor of Advanced Live Performance Guitars made by Rising Guitar of China. The distributorship is managed by Zivix LLC, a US company based in Minnesota and the makers of the Jamstik MIDI Guitars

Together, Zivix & Rising Guitars have partnered to design and provide quality-assured and innovative new products that represent new movements in guitar technology across the world. In partnership, our two companies help each other market our respective products in our local regions. We welcome you and look forward to building a worldwide community of guitar players and music makers.

Our Story with ALP

The teams at Zivix and Rising Guitar first met years back at the NAMM Trade show in Anaheim, California. Our two products looked undeniably alike, and we knew we had to say hello and learn more about each other's product offerings.

It was then that we learned we had more more in common than our headless, minimalist guitars and controllers—we had also both launched our flagship products through successful crowdfunding campaigns and share passion for bringing innovative new products to market. We traded products at the show, wished each other luck, and promised to stay in touch, thinking: who knows, maybe we'll build a MIDI guitar version of their guitars one day...

Fast forward to 2019: We were looking for an official guitar manufacturer to partner with to build our MIDI technology into a full size guitar. With their high-quality guitar builds & portable designs, they were a clear choice to take the Jamstik technology to the next level. The result of our two teams coming together is the Jamstik Studio MIDI Guitar—A full size, MIDI-capable electric guitar. The best of both worlds, from two different sides of the world. Jamstik technology built into ALP's unique, high-quality headless guitar: the Leaf model.

We look forward to bringing the latest ALP Guitars to the hands of American consumers, as well as a continued partnership developing joint products to suit the needs of our customers for years to come. 

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Please direct any questions or dealer inquiries to info@zivix.net