Each instrument features:

Headless Bridge Tuning Systems.

Portable by design, these patented bridge tuning systems and unique headstock designs stand out.

Aluminum CNC'ed Guitar Bodies.

Precision CNC methods are used to craft extremely consistent & durable guitar bodies.

Folding / Pop-Out Body Shapes

From portable to packable, all ALP instruments feature extremely sturdy mechanisms for ergonomic support.

ALP stands for Advanced Live Performance.

With quality materials, innovative design, and care taken in the manufacturing process, every ALP guitar is built with craftsmanship, playability & portability in mind.

Who is ALP America?

ALP America is a distribution arm of Zivix - makers of the Jamstik Smart Guitars. 

Our companies are working on a collaborative project with their guitar and our technology resulting in the upcoming Studio MIDI Guitar.

In an extended partnership, we act as the exclusive American distributor of ALP Guitars. ALP is an innovative Chinese brand & guitar manufacturer.

Together, Jamstik & ALP have partnered to build and support quality-assured and innovative new products that represent new movements in guitar technology across the world. We welcome you and look forward to building a worldwide community of guitar players and music makers.

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